To the Memory of             Luka Randić




This is the collection of memories expressed by Luka's friends and colleagues.

'' .. it is strange how somebody can be so different in private from the persona they show the professional world. I think many of us- friends and family- had no idea what an EM-whizz our Luka really was. The tributes to him on the EM forum really are touching and make us so very proud. ''

  • by doctors, for doctors
    Some of the saved postings from EM forum. Unfortunately due to a technical glitch, the original thread seems to have completely disappeared.

  • Memories collected in a notebook dedicated to Luka after his memorial. Thanks to Dan and other friends who organized and collected these memories.

  • Here are some letters and mails from Luka's friends to us, posted with their permition.

  • On 7th of June 2008 Dan and other friends organized Luka's memorial on meadows in Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury, Manchester.
    The year after Dough with help of friends planted the tree in Luka's memory at the same park.

  • Ziza placed the bench at Southover Grange Gardens in Lewes as a present to the Luka's friends who grow up together in their teens. The words on bench are: "Laughing in the sunshine with Luka - even when it rains".

  • Our annual Snowdon trip in memory of Luka.

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