Tragic death of Luka Randic ( s.carley) 13/05/2008, 18:20
It is with great sadness that we let you know of the tragic death of Luka Randic who died in a car accident on Sunday. Luka was working at MRI with us and was personally known to me since he was a 4th year medical student.

Luka had a significant presence on these fora and I know that many of you will miss his observations, enthusiasm and intellect. We miss him as a friend and colleague.

His family are now aware of the tragic events and are returning to the UK. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

I apologise for the arguably blunt way of spreading this awful news using this media, but Luka has conversed and interacted with so many of you that it is impossible to do this in any other way.

Simon Carley
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Manchester Royal Infirmary

The following message was released by Prof Mackway-Jones today to all NW trainees.
SE/C02/208 -> Forums -> News forum -> Luka Randic
Luka Randic
by Kevin Mackway-Jones - Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 05:51 PM

It is with great sadness that I write to let you all know that our colleague Luka Randic died tragically in a road accident on Sunday 11th May. I know Luka was held in high esteem by us all and am certain that he would have gone on to be a star in our specialty.

When I know what arrangements his parents have made for his funeral and for any memorial service to celebrate Luka's life I will let you know. In the mean time I'm sure all our thoughts are with his family.

This is a copy of a message posted on the SE/C02/208 website.

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RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( lalanda) 13/05/2008, 18:35
How incredibly sad
My thoughts are with his family and friends
We'll definitively miss him in this forum, too

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( petercutting) 13/05/2008, 19:10
Never actually met him in the flesh, met himn here on many occasions and alot of folk I respect respected him...including some of my present colleagues. Tragic news. Little to add beyond thoughts to his family and friends.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( skinner_doc) 13/05/2008, 19:18
Nor I, but the same for me.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( ilanasamson) 13/05/2008, 19:45
Echo the above: one of the regulars here and well respected.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( anumitra) 13/05/2008, 20:49
Will be sorely missed on these fora; from his online persona I'd have loved to have met him in real life; it's a shame I never had the opportunity.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( scmiller) 13/05/2008, 21:10
many condolences

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( reidcg) 13/05/2008, 21:16
How many people now have their lives, limbs, or sight, who otherwise wouldn't were it not for Luka's care in the ED and on ICU?
A short life but a big one.
Cheers Luka - we raise our glasses to you. Respect, man.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( juban) 13/05/2008, 21:23
I admired him as a writer; he was an incisive intellect & if he was ever annoying, it was because he was right.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( vreay) 13/05/2008, 21:32
Can't believe it. Luka was a great reg, used to call me 'Vic-kay Ray' trailer trash style across the department in Preston. Never failed to brighten my shift. A good, good guy.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( franoneill) 13/05/2008, 23:41
How awful. Never met him, but enjoyed his postings here. Thoughts are with his family. Let us know if any memorial service locally.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( cherylmartin) 14/05/2008, 1:43
Deeply saddened/shocked by this... didn't know Luka personally but have also enjoyed his contribution to this forum.Would have been a privilege to have worked with him ( like many of you passionate ED docs) thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( ianferguson) 14/05/2008, 5:35
How awful. Someone who I've never met, but would always have liked to.
A big loss for emergency medicine. Condolences to his family and friends.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( drvalentine) 14/05/2008, 7:35
Luka's postings on here were always well written and thoughtful. He sounded like a fantastic Emergency Physician and the kind of guy who would be great to work with.
As with everyone else, my thoughts are with his friends and family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( TreforR) 14/05/2008, 18:07
Unfortunately due to some sort of technical hitch or cock up by myself, the original thread seems to have completely dissapeared.
It is possible to get a list of all his postings in the mods area only

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( nida.suri) 14/05/2008, 18:53
As many of the above have said, never met Luka, but respected his writing ability.
I hope his family have some comfort from the thought of how many people he helped during his life.
Rest in Peace

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( DarkJediMaster) 15/05/2008, 1:57
Totally shocked.
RIP Luka

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( mallaber) 15/05/2008, 9:38
Dear EM forum,
I just wanted to pesonally thank you for all your kind thoughts for Luka's family- and for writing such respectful tributes. Luka's parents were shown this thread yesterday and were very touched. Luka himself, being shy and retiring, would have blushed a little but would have been very chuffed indeed to see how much of an impact he'd had. He was a great friend to many people and will be terribly missed.
I see from the first posting, that an attempt has been made to collect some of his comments on this forum but as I am not all that well-versed in DNUK-surfing, I would be grateful for pointers on how to get to the mods area. I remember Luka's school-boyish excitement after having composed many an ironic reply on this forum (then waiting impatiently for the falll-out) and I would like to show some to his parents.
Also, we will soon be writing Luka's Obituary and so I would be very happy to receive any comments or memories from those who knew Luka personally or through work (best by e-mail)
Helen Michael

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( helcatmichael) 15/05/2008, 9:45
I am sorry- this is another proof of my inability to use DNUK properly. I was using a friend's computer and was automatically logged-in as him although the above post is actually from me.
Any comments or memories regarding Luka could be either e-mailed to me or to Dan Mallaber,
Many thanks

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( wilsonel) 15/05/2008, 13:19
Indeed a tradegy, Luka was a brilliant yet modest doctor, dependable colleague and all round star. Enjoyed his company on many a shift at Whiston Hospital ED. What a waste. My thoughts are with his family. Libby.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( khurram) 15/05/2008, 16:42
I am very saddened to hear this tragic news.
I didn't know Luca personally but knew of him via his forum postings. My thoughts are with his close friends and family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( declanokane) 15/05/2008, 17:05
Just awful. My condolences to his family and friends.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( kirstyc) 15/05/2008, 20:08
I will remember Luka for his inextinguishable ability to be cheerful, positive and polite to patients and colleagues even at 4am on the 7th night of 7; his skill went without saying. I was looking forward to having him as a colleague for many years to come.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( ranz) 15/05/2008, 22:30
Our feeling in the North West is that we would like something permanent to honour his life and significant contributions he made in so many ways to the world of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine. Initially we were thinking locally but I think something nationally either through CEM or maybe physicians in intensive care) would be better suited.
I would appreciate suggestions via DNUK.
Our thoughts are with his family.
Henry (SpR EM/ICM North West)

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( docjonty) 16/05/2008, 1:25
Perhaps a prize for the best research submitted by EM SPR`s?
Luka`s name comes up in google quite a bit with respect to research.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( cdgomes) 16/05/2008, 10:20
When I was a fresh new house officer at whiston I ended up directly referring a patient to critical care in the middle of the night. Luka came to review him. This was the only time I met him but I still remember it. What stood out was how approachable and friendly he was whilst at the same time being extremely thorough and professional. I can remember feeling more relaxed by his mere presence! May he rest in peace.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( pcadden) 16/05/2008, 12:38
I have just come across this thread. Luka was in my year at Medical School and it is many years since I worked directly with him but as many have pointed out I always presumed that he would rise to be a star of Emergency Medicine.
Condolences to his family and I hope that some fitting tribute can be found for Luka who was a great professional.
SpR Respiratory Medicine North West

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( kirstyc) 16/05/2008, 18:53
I think Jonty has it on the button; perhaps our shiny new College could use its conference trainees' prize as a memoriam?

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( doktor) 17/05/2008, 20:43
R.I.P Luka Randic
Only the Good Die Young

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( iewington) 17/05/2008, 21:14
I worked with Luka on numerous occasions and always found him to be knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic.
It is a tragic loss to his family and Emergency Medicine.
Ian Ewington
ST3 Anaesthetics
North West

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( docrob) 17/05/2008, 22:39
Awful. My thoughts are with his family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( andydrummond) 18/05/2008, 2:46
Luka was one of the many in my year who I never met while a student; I did, however, work with him at Whiston. He came across as a likeable & knowledgeable bloke, and his untimely death is a tragic loss.
My thoughts are with his family & friends.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( ashbasu) 18/05/2008, 7:54
My deepest & most sincere condolescences to his family.
I too like many others enjoyed his enthusiastic debate & postings on his forum.
I had the pleasure of meeting him & putting a face to the name at EMTA in Poole, a couple of years back - top guy!
We all too often deal with tragedy in our careers and jobs by the nature of what we do, but it really brings it home when it is one of the shining lights of our profession.
I echo the sentiments of others in ensuring that his name should be put towards an award within our specialty to honour his memory.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( esherriff) 18/05/2008, 14:49
What will the telemark skiers of the world do now. Our annual 'tip a tele' contest was seriuosly hampered this year by Luka's height, skill on skis and superior snow ball fighting technique. I will remember him fondly taking part in day long snowball fights, always with a beaming smile, even when his extra long skis got him jammed in a steep couloir. We will all miss him next year, grand marnier wont taste the same without him.
On a serious note he was an amazing doctor and his death is a great loss to the profession.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( daveclarke) 18/05/2008, 17:02
A very talented doctor and all round top guy. The first time I met him was at an arrest call and things were going somewhat pear-shaped. Luka arrived and had the whole situation in control within a few moments.

It's truly terrible news. My thoughts are with his family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( juban) 18/05/2008, 17:22
I trust it will meet with approval if I post a link to this thread in Obits Forum.
This forum is likely to prove volatile sooner or later, & this thread will disappear into the archives. It would be fitting to put a link somewhere more enduring.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( mike.rodger) 19/05/2008, 9:58
Sorry to see you go Luka.
All my condolences to your family, friends and colleagues.
Mike Rodger
(Manchester Med School 2001)

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( marieta) 19/05/2008, 18:05
So sad to hear the news, I only came across Luka briefly at MRI, but he certainly made an impression with some excellent teaching to us house officers and good sense of humour. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( aishaawan) 19/05/2008, 20:33
Was really saddened to hear the news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Luka was an approachable teacher to the HOs. Had a couple of memorable experiences, as one does venturing into the A&E on nights, but what struck me among the chaos was how calm and together he always seemed to be. Will miss seeing him around.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( rohitsbmw) 19/05/2008, 21:10
Rest In Peace

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( joteare) 20/05/2008, 8:39
I worked with Luka at Whiston Hospital when we were both doing critical care. He was one of those people who would sort out a crisis without breaking a sweat and adding a good deal of humour. Shifts together were always a pleasure.
What a huge loss. Much thoughts and love to his family.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( sophiekc) 20/05/2008, 9:33
I worked with Luka in Preston when he was a house officer, firstly in A&E and then on the renal wards. He was an extremely conscientious and considerate professional back then and, more importantly, he was a really decent bloke. I don't believe you will ever meet anyone who has a bad word to say about him.
He will be sorely missed.
Our thoughts are with his parents.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( sknarang) 20/05/2008, 15:02
So sorry to hear the news. He will be so missed. I have such great memories of teaching with him.
I think a more permanent memorial is required and to re-iterate what Kirstyc has said maybe the College can assist with this.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( jpwilliamson) 21/05/2008, 6:04
I remember 6 months ago, socialising after our regional Calman Day, having an enthralling conversation with Luka about the break up of Yugoslavia, his family's subsequent migration, and so on...
Firmly based upon his recommendations that night, we are going to Croatia in July, and I was so looking forward to receiving Luka's advice and travel tips.
Sadly now that won't happen, but I for one will be raising a glass to Luka after Calman day this week, and indeed several more glasses in Zagreb and Dubrovnik in the summer.
My sincere condolences to the family and to all who knew him well. Rest in Peace Luka.

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( mallaber) 29/05/2008, 11:03
Lukas memorial will be at 2pm Sat 7th June at the meadows in Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury, Manchester.
Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend (whether you met Luka in person or not).
Please bring any copies of pictures of Luka to contribute to a remembrance album. Bring a picnic, kite, aeroplane etc. For anyone wishing to share their memories about Luka there will be opportunity.
There will be a party afterwards at the Woodstock pub Barlow Moor Road. It is open until 1am.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their memories on this forum, your words have been great comfort to his family and friends.
Any questions about saturday please email me at
See you there

RE: Tragic death of Luka Randic ( docasjad) 03/06/2008, 14:21
he was always there to help i remember shouting for luca in resus whenever i needed help with a serious patient he was so so good. 2 mri AE doctors passed away within 2 weeks absolute disbelief for me and my mates. they were stars and will always shine. cheers to luca n emma

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