To the Memory of             Luka Randić




This is collection of memories by friends, colleges and family written in commemorative notebook:
Emergency Medicine is peculiar specialty. First of all there are the problems we have to deal with - everything from sprained ankles to heart attacks. Every day we see people die, every day more people would die if we weren’t there. Second there’s fact that people can’t really see the work we do. All day long we take complains about the waiting time. Hearing that you is very unorunon xx. Our greatest results are achieved for people who are too sick to know what happened. This is even more apparent than in those critically ill patients who need the skills and expertise of a doctor trained in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care.
Luka must have saved many, many lives. If they had been counted the list would no doubt be even so long as the lists of Schindler’s list. His experience bxxehind his young age and he spoke with authority on so many medical matters, demonstrating a tremendous depth to his knowledge.
Likewise Luka brightened the lives of so many more people. He was compassionate and sympathetic doctor, always approachable and caring. One of the nurses recalled a time when we had a seriously unwell seven year-old girl who had heart disease. She said that doctor after doctor had tried to place a dip so that the girl could have potentially life-saving treatment but none had been able and the poor little girl was very distressed. Luka had sat down and talked calmly with her about her best friends at school until she felt at ease. When he had gained her trust and helped her to relax Luka successfully sited the dip so that her treatment could begin.
Everybody liked Luka. Since I have known him I have never heard anyone utter a single bad word about him, not even in anger or frustration (and that certainly atmoust in the intense environment of Emergency Medicine). Luka was always calm, always friendly, always polite.
He played football with us on Wednesday evenings. There he may not have had quite the same brilliance as he did in Emergency Medicine but he played the game with such reve, in the spirit of fair play and light a smile on his face. I wont forget watching England’s football team beaten comprehensively by Croatia with Luka, accepting his quiet condolences and expressions of disappointment only to learn later of his Croatian roots! How many people would have basked in that glory and relished the opportunity to tease the losers? Not Luka.
Luka was a young man with great strength of character and integrity. Thought his life was cut so tragically short it was an xx and abxx success both at work and with the friends.
Unlike Schindler, there will probably be no box office films made about Luka. His achievements will probably not make news headlines. But we know of his excellence, we can testify to his great success. Luka has saved all of the lives he could and now his work is done. There are no more stressful times ahead, he has earned his rest. The enduring impact that he has had upon us, his friends and colleagues, is no small part of his legacy. May his memory never die and may Luka, our fine friend and accomplished colleagues rest eternally.

   Rick Body
   Specialist Registrar in Emergency Medicine,
   Manchester Royal Infirmary
   Friend and Colleague
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There are 3 things that will always remind me of Luka and how I will reminder him. This 2 long legs and his 1 big, enormous smile!
Luka never managed to be sit in a chair with his legs tucked underneath. He always sat with his legs spread out in front of him. I nearly fell over them on many occasion but when you turned round to tell him to move his legs all you could see was his huge enormous smile.
May he rest in peace.
Carolyn Southers
ATE sister.
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Luka was a very friendly, professional caring college I have ever met.
M. O.
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Luka was always warm and friendly and it was a privilege to call him a colleague. We worked together early in our careers, and than subsequently connected our SpR training at the same time. I was certainly looking forward to our careers progressing simultaneously in the future.
He will be sorely missed and I pass on my sincere condolences to his family.
Richard M.
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Even as a junior SHO at Wythenshouse Luka managed to radiate calm and competence. He managed to make a run of seven nights cheerful and constructive. A great loss and he will be hugely missed.
Kirsty Challen
Specialty Registrar Emergency Medicine
Royal Preston
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Great Doctor
Great Guy
J .P.
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I worked with Luka for a year in Preston I sow him several times a month in the last 2 years. I always remember Luka with a broad beaming smile. I loved working with Luka. The incident I will never forget is the time Luka did a canthotorny (?) on a patient & probably saved his sight. He had seen it done on a horse! In a video … Always cool, committed & calm whatever the situation.
I shall always remember him. He made that kind of impression will be missed.
SPR ED NorthWest
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I didn’t know Luka for very long but what I did know of him is that he was a fantastic doctor with lots of integrity. Always willing to help out & teach the junior doctors like myself.
Alethea D. f2, MRI A+E.
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The first time I worked with Luka was probably just under a year ago, he was called xx to the resxx? room and we worked together on a young girl who had taken a use xxx? she had to be transferred out to wagon. So there we bxxx?, transferring this xxx? young girl in the back of a blue light ambulance at close to 60mph at the motorway, an of a sudden the monitor battery went death!!! I had foolishly plugged in the second unit instead of the monitor in and the power failure. So like the mad man I start running around the back of the running ambulance trying to ?xx, Luka sat there, with a finger on girls pulse and started laughing me realize my error, restoring battery power!! That was just one example of Luka’s calm, consistent xx and his excessive sense of humor! I unfortunately only had the opportunity to get to know Luka on a professional level in the past year but I have never known anyone gain so much respect and popularity in this ATE dept in such short space of time. He wasn’t pleased by targets, he wouldn’t tolerate abuse, he was always there for his patients and colleagues and had an amazing ability to gain a rapp? very quickly. I will always remember him in the re? room with his legs crossed along side his sick patients because that’s where he was at his bed!
Rest in Peace Luka!
Thanks for all you brought to this dept in such a short space of time.
Chris T
Stuff ATE, Manchester Royal Inf.
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I didn’t know Luka very well – but in a short space of time he made a massive impression on our department. ‘Who is on?’ ‘Luka’. “Thanks God for that!’
He was fantastic Doc – and seemed like lovely block too.
What a loss – to us all.
Ruth W.
Sister – ATE MRI
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A truly professional doctor and an absolutely great guy. He will be sadly missed.
Martin P.
c/nurse ATE
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An amazing personand doctor I feel honored to have meet and worked with you. (RIP)
X p.
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  -   Wonderful as person and doctor enjoyed working with you.
  -   Sadly missed.
Fazar Doctor ATE, MRI
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I only know Luka for a short period of time but he still left lasting impression. He was very approachable and always smiling.
If I ever needed advice he was always happy to help and would be very supportive.
His loss has left a r? in the department and he is greatly missed.
My prayers are with him and his family.
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I first met Luka when he was presenting at the ICEM in Edinburgh as a house officer – impressing and slightly intimidating all registrars who were there socializing! We were all pleased when he joined us at MRI and he is greatly missed. His death is a sad loss to emergency medicine and to thousands of patients he would have treated in what was undoubtedly a very successful career and tragically short.
Rachael Jenner
Consultant Emergency Medicine
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I met Luka very recently, but he made a big impression on me. He seemed a doctor and a man to look up to: friendly, funny, calm, bright. He will be missed by us junior doctors in the department.
Dush M.

FZ Doctor
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Having met Luka only a few months ago I can’t claim him as a close friend …. Unfortunately. I got to know Luka a little and he made such a huge and lasting impression both as a doctor and a man. His compassion was second to none, his knowledge and skills were extremely impressive and he made work easy for everyone. He put patient care far -far above politics and respected all people he worked with equally, irrespective of who they were or what job they performed. It was truly a shock to learn what had happened and please accept my sincere sympathy. It was a complete privilege to work with Luka and an honor to have known him and call him a friend, albeit for a short time. He will be greatly missed by all people who know him.
Nigel Gillen
ATE Staff Nurse MRI
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I had the privilege of working with Luka since he come to the ATE department. I found him quite easy going and very knowledgeable. It was pleasure to work wit him. He is missed by all who know him.

ATE Senior Clinical Fellow, MRI
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No one can get over the chock of learning that a young person has died so suddenly. It is such a terrible waste of young talented life. We will never forget.
Ros L R M ??
Consultant ATE
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I worked with Luka in AE he come down to the department as an ITM Doctor 3 than we had the pleasure of working with him in AE he was a wonderful person, very caring & compassionate – I would have wanted him to look after myself or any of my family with out a doubt. He made a big difference when working on nights with him. He was always a calming influence when the department was at its worst. He will be missed every day here & I would just like to give my condolences to his family & partner – they must be so proud to have him as a son & partner – Marianna AE nurse.
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I worked with Luca in AIE. One of the best colleague a doctor can wish for. He did manage to influence me a lot.
Leonard Dumitry?
ATE Doctor. (MRI)
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Working with Luca in ATE was a pleasure. He always was calm + knew what to do. One of the best reg’s I have worked with + I will miss him greatly. Ian Barker?
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I worked briefly with Luka and found him a kind and considerate guy, excellent with all the patients – even the “difficult ones” that sometimes attend ATE! He always had a ready smile and he will be greatly missed here.
Uhe ?? staff nurse
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Once every and than a truly exceptional talent enter NW training scheme. Luka was that person.
An exceptional person, great doctor and much missed colleague.
Rest in Peace.
Jimmy Sstuart
Clinical Director
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Luka was known to me since he was a 4th year medical student. Even then we knew he was something special and we were delighted that he chose a career in emergency medicine. As a doctor he had that rare ability to work calmly, effectively and safety in a clinical environment that many find too taxing to cope. Many of our juniors were helped enormously by his help and calm demeanor and many talk of chaotic situations being instantly calmed when he arrived.
When he returned to MRI it was fantastic, we knew the department would run well and the patients would be safe when he was around. There was more than that thought, Luka constantly challenged dogma and tradition making all of us stop and think about our practices Many changes, to the benefits of patents come from such questions. He was able to do this, question & consider, in a neutral non-confrontational way. A skill very few clinicians have.
Luka the doctor will be missed by all of us. Luka the person will be missed more than words can say. I have no doubt that he would have gone to be a superb consultant and a fantastic colleague.
S.Carley MRI Consultant.
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I’ve known Luka for 3 -4 years, since we were on the anesthetic rotation together, & even then he shoved such dedication both to his work, but also to his patients. He was extremely friendly + approachable + over the last few years has always been there to advice. He was always smiling, friendly + nothing seemed to faze him.
You will be remember by us all Luka.
Mark Riley SER. EM.
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My first memory of Luka was at Wythernshawe? In 2003 – he was one of our SHO’s – I remember him looking quite serious, but it soon become apparent he had a funny, cheeky side – a wry smile. He was hard working, intelligent, fun – and really interesting too.
He come back to MRI this year – to me it felt strange as I was suddenly his consultant – I sow him 2 days before he died at work – we had a laugh, had great chat – I can still see his face smiling.
Eternal rest Luka – we will all miss you very much.
Katherine ? MRI consultant
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My overwhelming memory of Luka at work was his ability to adapt to all situations, once performing a procedure (successfully) after watching a video of how to do it on a horse! His only comment was next time he’d use some local anesthetic! I was in xx? of this clinical abilities, adaptability in extreme situations and handling of patients. More than that he was great fun, would always pick you up when you’re down.
A fantastic guy all round.
Luka you will be missed by all, I just feel lucky to have known you.
Arison Robinson
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I’ll always remember Luka sitting in the registrars office at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He was there with Ian + I, we were discussing holidays and the debathed? rota. Now Ian + I , we not unown for our relichent nature! Luka was the quet considered voice of reason. As he was always was, regardless of situation.
To echo previous comment, Luka was occasionally annoying ... always because he was right, he was always right! Luka, we miss you, and although they don’t know it, so do all the patients who you would have looked after.
You are a star (in more ways than one).
Angela Coumbaides?
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Luka mate,
It was a relatively brief acquaintance – but am unbelievably glad of it. You made the worst shifts tolerable – I ?? seeing your name on the rota!
You always just made me touch base. I’ll miss you.
A?. L?
“one of those damn medics” x
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Although I had known Luka for a few years, I had never had the priveledge of working with him until we started working together on the Intensive Care registrar xx? I was instantly impressed with his calm demeanor and quet tone of voice which lid his exceptional depth of knowledge and experience in Critical care despite his relatively tender age. In the face of adicusity?, luka would simple shuny? his shartdlees?, smile + get on with the job in hand. He will be truly missed as a colleague and a friend.
Rest in peace, Luka
Dhunga Gmanasengaram?
SpL, Emergency Medicine
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I too worked with Luka in Intensive Care but have known him much longer. He was one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met. It was a privilege to have worked with him. He was extremely caring to all patients regardless the way they treated him. My abiding memory of Luka is of his big smile & of him being able making me smile. I will miss him very much & it is an great loss for all who have had the love to ?? him.
Much love,
Georgina Robertson
(SpR Emergency medicine)
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To one of the best.
Luka would spend all his time and effort to helping other, no matter what background they were from. His input was amazing and his knowledge was great.
He will be greatly missed by all who know him.
Rest in peace
Chris Crompton (EAP)
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It was an absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to have worked with Luka. He was a fantastic role model to have been with and will always be in the future dispute his untimely end.
Chears Luka!
Mark D??
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I only knew Luka for a few months from work but with him you feel as it you know each other for years. He leaves a big gap and will always be remembered.
Tim Holzmann
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I know Luka only in the last year of his life. I cannot claim to have known him well, or to have been one of his close friend. I find it remarkable that despite this , he has touched my life and his death has left me with a void. I wish I had spent more time with him. I had meant to invite him and friends for dinner and never got round to it. That I regret. Luka, you will be missed. I do not ever remember you not with a smile on your face – and that image will stay with me.
Rafile Bedair?
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I was Luka’s flatmate as House Officers in Preston Royal Hospital. Me, Luka and Leonidas formed the Eastern Mediterranean clank. I have fond memories of our time together. He was the friendliest “dude” always up for laugh and so easy to get one. He accepted everyone as they are and never said a bad word about enybody. When I brought home one day a huge Christmas tree to decorate our flat he ?? and gave me a hand with the huge decorations.
One thing I regret most is that I have not kept in touch with him all these years. I will always remember him as an excellent doctor and a superb flatmate.
Love Michalis
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A brilliant colleague to work with, always manage to help and give advice.
A loss to the profession.
Rest in Peace Boss!
Kaz Ali
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Lovely guy … best boss ever always caught me flirting with patients .. oops
Will be greatly missed
Reem Bahwan
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Luka was complete article!! Right from our first year in Halls to working with him as “old” doctor in MRI he was truly brilliant in every way!! A fantastic person to be around and a really wonderful Doctor!! Shall always think of his wickedly cheeky sense of humor sened? up with such warmth and kindness.
Love always, Colette XX
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E Luka prijatelju, tvoj Daco je dosauo u Manchester, zao mi je kao nikom sto nisam dosao ranijeda se veselimo, druzimo, smijemo, kao nekad prije. Stvarno mi falis volio sam te kao brata, bio si mi najbolji prijatelj jos od davnih dana, ustvari znali smo to mislim kad smo krenuli u skolu. Sjetio samse, tj. Sjetila me Javarova mama kako smo pisali pismo Maji, pa me to nasmijalo jesmo bili budale, sta se moze. Upoznao sam tvoje prijatelje I stvarno su kvalitetni ljudi, pogotovo Doug, sad znam d ate jako volio I cijenio.
Eto prijatelju, hvala na svemu, falit ces mi puna. Voli te tvoj
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I already miss Luka lots and miss his sense of humor and great advice. He was an amazing doctor and person and I feel privileged to have met him.
Karen X
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Luka come home with Jenna for dinner and this was the first time I met him – he was very well behaved! I never knew him very well, because each of the 6 or 7 times I met him he was always on his best behavior! On that last day he was so happy. Jenna and I picked him up at his apartment on Church St. As he come out at the door and he sow Jenna sat in my car – his face lit up! He had a lovely day. I wish we could have had more – all of us together.
God Bless Luka love always
Pat X
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I met Luka just the once – what a lovely smiley boy! He so loved Jenna my niece and he will live on in all our harts.
Angie xx.
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3 words I can only use to describe Luka:
{  1). Big – Personality
    2). Big – Smile
    3). Big – Heart    }   not in that order!!
An absolute gem to wont with! Luka’s sense of calm radiated with everyone!
Luka will be sadly missed.
 Much love
 Sam B
 (S/N –ITU, MRI) xx
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I am and I were both at school with Luka, and later I went to Manchester Uni at the same time as Luka. In later years we mowed back down south and only managed to catch up every 6 months or so at weddings and birthdays. However Luka had that rare quality of remaining a true and constant friend no mater how long it was since we had last seen him – he was also one of the few people who could turn up unannounced at 9.55pm on a Wednesday night in London and still get a huge crowd to the pub as the text messages went round “Dr Luka is in town!”.
We will both miss him deeply. As just as he has remained a friend for so many years, despite long absences. I know that he will continue to be in our thoughts and hearts over the coming days, months, years and decades, and that if we meet him again, many years from now, he will be as true friend as ever, our meeting only made more pleasant by all the news we have to exchange.
Dear Luka, how much we will miss you. Love Ruth & Jan xxx
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Will miss Luka so much. Realy one of the nicest ??? ??? people I have ever met --- ?? kind, funny, silly lovely - too many nice things to say – but I am genuine honored to have been his friend. ?? x
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Ok Luka, I’m not really sure what I am going to write. I cannot really believe you are not here with us today. You would have loved it. I can hear you laughing now and see you with your pinky stitching at from your pink. How much I want to see you and give you a hug. Who am I going to provide life coaching now?? And no I am still not letting you out of the bet – a killer whale is officially a dolphin!! I might concede that Croatia is a better holiday destination than Florida but I will let you know once I have holidayed in the former!
So … you, could laugh at me and keep all things in perspective. Over the last 4 weeks I have been told a fantastic ambitions doctor you had become and I am truly proud of you. Did I know quite what a “Star” of Emergency Medicine you had become? I don’t think I did. You were the most laid-back and humble guy. I remember you working the Sin? Eating pots of yougurt/nutella in Hall Road, ?? to ?? as Jayne and I watched the crunching? (that’s ment to say CURLING), working at the Gracl? Bar in 1st year, laughing at me as I bovaced? off the walls after football, being always cherish and without a bad word to say about anybody.
I love you and miss you, and always will. I am immensely proud to call you a good friend. I wish I could rewind the last 4 weeks and talk to you again. I could tell you to meet us in Manchester on Sunday and ask not to go to beach … but that is not to be and I know that you were really happy on that Sunday and all the times I sow you over the past 6 months – and that makes me smile. Your g?in + laugh will stay with me forever. So Luka, this is my speech. Longwinded hey? And a little ensh??l + senhnenkcl? For you? Sorry. You will be part of my life forever.
Love and a huge hug,
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I always remember Luka with a smile on his face, never did he look upset. Everytime that we met it was a happy occasion. He was always full of life. I never heard him say anything bad about anybody. All I remember is good times we all had together. My thoughts will always be with you LUKA.
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Luka – remember your deep laugh and big smile and putting an silly Indian accent and eating laddoss ga?. You were a wonderful personality and I feel honored to have known you for the short time you were with us.
Your humility, gentleness and calmness were all attributes I admired and I will remember you always.
Love Nisha
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We shared a lot of silly, funny moments together when we were young. When we were a bit older, they come flooding back in bouts of laughter whenever we saw each other. Which wasn’t often enough. I’ll remember you for what you were and what you become. The two were not so far apart. Take care dude.
Love C?
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Only met Luka a few months back as we ware both dating two housemates. Was nervous about meeting him for the firs time because I knew we had to get on as we would be seeing eachother a lot around the house and on couples nights out. Within minutes of meeting him I was completely at the ease as he was a humorous character and really friendly. I thought we would definitely go on to be good friends. The only hang up was when we were out. Is a group who was the funniest and got the most laughs! The. Mes …. Well, maybe not. Top guy, really glad to have met him.
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Luka was one of the most charming and infectious boyish person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I ? met him through Dan M and was was fortunate enough to have lived with him for several months with Dan, before moving into his vacant room.
He was kind, caring, and a brilliant Dr and I know he will be sadly missed. I was devastated to hear of his very untimely passing and ?? ?? to have known him.
Spa?? Rehnar?
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My heart goes out to those who loved Luka the beast. Would we all not love made so much more of those who accompany us on this short journey across the globe if we knew how limited our time can be? I so appreciated Luka’s pragmatism as a doctor, and he reminded me of several older members of my family who had taken this profession – quiet, thoughtful and pragmatic, a sort of instance. And this in spite of his young age – quite an achievement. As with so much else in life, I took him for granted, and now I suffer all the more for the great loss. Can I learn from this mistake? I shall miss Luka greatly and so will so many others.
Our two families must now remain in touch. We have a lot to share, and we must use the memory of Luka not to let life slip by unnoticed.
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10.12.8 Luka
I’ve been putting off writing this for months now. It’s been six months since you died, but whenever I try and write I can never find the words.
Stuff like this wasn’t supposed to happen to any of us, we fixed things, we sorted people out, we catch our opportunities and lived lives that care full. We were indestructible, or so I thought, especially you. Big, solid, unchanging even if I didn’t see you for months.
It’s hard not to think about what were lost – the adventures that might have been. Better, though, if I say this – while you were hire you were my good friend and my life was richer for having known you.
Laters Dude
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 POEM – written 1981 (and not by me)








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