To the Memory of             Luka Randić




After a tragic accident takes place, adjustments needs to be made for life to go on its way.

  • This tragedy happened in the middle of Luka's plans and arrangements to take a leave of absence from his training and spend time together volunteering at a hospital in Malawi with his girlfriend Jenna.
    Dealing with the aftermath of Luka's death we, his parents, together with his close friends requested donations to the Malawi hospital in lieu of funeral flowers.

  • We as parents are changing our plans from spending the rest of our life with Luka and his family, to providing friendship and hospitalities for Luka's friends, their families and children.
    We hope this will not be a substitute but real joy to make the most.
    I want to share some photos of Luka grandmother's house at the island where Luka spent all his summers as a kid in Croatia.
    This would be ideal place for Luka's friends to come and to bring their kids to spend time close to nature and the wonderful Adriatic Sea.

 Let us move on with our lives!

  Placed   2008 & 2016 by   Žiža and Mirko