To the Memory of             Luka Randić




Personal Statement – UCAS 1995                         by Luka Randic

Medicine to me is more than just a science, it is an art. This is because it is a detailed examination of the most complex and beautiful form known to man – the human body. I feel that scientific method is an indispensable tool, which if ignored can destroy patients and sometime the doctors themselves. It is the creative ability and the scientific knowledge of the doctors, together with their decision making that is of real value to patients and therefore to society as a whole. To me this skill of application is part of core of medicine, which is why I feel that it offers interesting and rewarding career possibilities. During the summer I worked for two weeks in a GP’s surgery in Grimsby. I sow at first hand the medical problems of patients, and how they are seen through the eyes of the doctor. It has shown me just how important the doctor-patient relationship is. I later spent a week and half at a Dialysis Centre in South Germany. This, as well as practicing my German, gave me an insight into a less glamorous side of medicine. At this centre patients are attending three times a week just so they can live. Under the supervision of Dr. Fuchs, chief nephrologist, I followed up the weekly treatment, as well as the lifestyle, of a number of dialysis patients. This raised some ethical questions in my mind. In my L6 year I took part in a 11 month Community programme, where I visited the elderly and spent time with them each week. I found this most rewording as it gave me an insight into the way older people live, and showed me what is important to them. I feel this is necessary for a doctor to take into consideration.

I enjoy team games, and represent the school at first XV level, swimming and waterpolo. I also swim for Lewes Swimming Club, where I am vice-captain, and play rugby for Lewes Rugby Club. When time allows, I play waterpolo for Brighton Swimming Club and also enjoy rowing for Shoreham Rowing Club.

I do not feel to have to be very competitive in sport, but believe it is more important to have mind and body functioning as one. Sport is also a good way to relax and build up one’s mental strength.

My other interests include languages, philosophy, and scientific reading. I am regular reader of the New Scientist and am fluent in three languages, Serbo-Croat, English and French. I am also learning German. I take Philosophy lessons in my free time at school, where we discuss different philosophical issues and different thinkers approaches to them I have the privilege of being a member of the Headstrong Club (re-founded in memory of Tom Paine) which meets regularly in Lewes, to host lively and stimulating debates on interesting topics.

I think it is possible to have a wide variety of interests, provided there is good organization and balance. I feel that being involved in so many activities makes my life a great deal more fulfilling than it would be otherwise.

I feel strongly committed to both the theory and practice of medicine which has been enhanced through this summer’s experience.

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